Chroming Line

   Stamford has invested a brand new independent state of art Plasma high vacuum coating  technology facility in addition to their chrome free paint lin.

  With this facility,  wheels are coated with briliant sparking finishes of either "Stainless Metalic Chrome" or "Black Metalic Chrome" to achieve a higher level of finishing

   Plasma high vacuum coating  technology applies Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD). It is a process in which solid " target" material is vaporized and then deposited onto wheels to create a film of sparkle effect


The high vacuum coating machine creates plasma during the deposition process in the low rough vacuum environment A high voltage is being used to produce a glow discharge to form the plasma. achiveing surface finish of the highest quality.


This technology requires a clean room environment to provide the most uniform film surface finish to the wheel. This process enables almost unlimited production coating on all type of surfaces and difficult to reach areas providing innovation  color and class which will be a great value added to the product