All Falken tire product quality insurance policies are due to the intention of Stamford Tire Distribution Company Limited to assure customers / buyers that they will satisfy with the raw materials, production processes and / or product quality.

The existence of a manufacturing defect is a prerequisite to qualify for this Policy and applies to such tires which are used under normal operating conditions indicating adjustable circumstances.

This policy does not warrant nor express that such tires will not deteriorate, or that they will not fail or become unserviceable, in the absence of proper maintenance or under the use in conflict of the intended purpose.


Because the company is unable to control the use of tires for buyers in various conditions. Therefore, the warranty of Falken tires will covers only damage to the tires caused by design defects, production processes, and/ or materials in production and does not cover the following reasons:

1.1 Tires which damaged by road hazards with normal use such as by being pierced, punctured, or deflated by nail bolts, rock, glass, road side, debris or fire or accident, etc.
1.2 Tires which are removed or reinstalled improperly, with impaired balance or with a repaired tire/ wheel drum.
1.3 Damaged tires with premature or irregular wear due to improper inflation pressure or having been run while flat.
1.4 Damaged tires due to flat tires having no air pressure;
1.5 Damaged tires due to having been run while flat, having no pressure in tires or the pressure is lower than the determined standard.
1.6 Tires with premature or irregular wear due to the defective mechanical conditions of the vehicles, including misalignment, wheel imbalance, and faulty shocks or brakes.
1.7 Tires which are installed or used with valves, wheel drums or wheels which are improper for the type of tires.
1.8 Tires which are worn out: the tires which are having the remaining groove depth equal to or less than 1.6 mm.
1.9 Tires which have been retreaded or repaired.
1.10 Tires which are worn by overloading of the prescribed standard of tire or over-speeding of the prescribed standard as per tire manual provided by the manufacturing company.
1.11 Used and resold tires.
1.12 Tires which are stored improperly.
1.13 Tires which are not used as per tire manual provided by the manufacturing company.
1.14 Tires which are worn out or damaged by chemicals, fire, flood, accidents or any change or configuration cars to be different.
1.15 Tires which are bought at stores which are not the distributors of Stamford Tire Distributor or those agents who are not approved by Stamford Tire Distributor.
1.16 Tires which are damaged due to the weather and the effect of atmosphere.
1.17 Tires that is not used in Thailand.


Falken tires are warranty other than the damage specified in Section 1 within 48 months (4 years) from the manufacturing date.


Warranty shall be in proportion to the remaining usable groove depth:

3.1 If a Falken tires becomes unserviceable under the specified conditions, the warranty shall be based on a remaining usable groove depth prorated basis.
3.2 The remaining usable groove depth is calculated as follows:
Remaining usable groove depth = Remaining groove depth – 1.6 (mm).
1.6 mm. (i.e., height of tread wear indicator) of groove depth is not considered as a remaining usable groove depth if tread wear indicators exist.
3.3 It must be ensured that the damaged tires are in adjustable condition as provided hereunder.
3.4 The adjustment shall be computed by the distributors as follows:

Remark : Falken tires price is the selling price on the date the buyer purchases / in the event that the buyer is unable to confirm the purchase price, the company reserves that right to use the price specified by the company.
3.5 The buyer will receive compensation as a discount for the purchase of a new Falken tire and cannot be cashed in any case.

3.6 This Policy does not incur any obligation or liability for the cost of adjustment to remove and reinstall the tire, loss of time, loss due to lack of use loss of opportunity on account of inability to use the vehicle, inconvenience, consequential damages and damages provided under the law.
3.7 This Policy will only warrant the conditions specified in this Policy. If there are any contrary terms that appear in any distributorship agreements or other agreements, those terms shall be deemed invalid.
3.8 Stamford Tire Distributor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to inspect the cause of damaged tires before the approval of adjustment cost.
3.9 Stamford Tire Distributor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to repair or adjust the tires to the extent determined by the remaining groove depth in case of the results of inspections show that the tires are damaged or unusable under the conditions of this Policy.
3.10 Stamford Tire Distributor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to approve the repayment or the adjustment in case the results of inspections show that the cause of damage has not resulted from the quality of tires as well as the design, manufacture and/or the materials used in production.
3.11 Tires which are eligible for the adjustment shall be deemed the property of Stamford Tire Distributor Co., Ltd. However, in case of any dispute, the customers shall first approve of further inspections.
3.12 This Policy shall not cover accidents, injuries, damages on account of from crime or damages by willful act or using tires in car racing or fire or robbery or using tires in appropriate way.
3.13 The company will process compensation through the company’s dealer only.


4.1 Stamford Tire Distributor Co., Ltd. shall warrant tires under this limited warranty through the official Stamford’s distributors.
4.2 Falken tires are not warranted against any damage owing to the negligence of the customer or any accidents which are not attributable to Falken tires and such negligence shall be deemed to terminate this Policy.
4.3 Stamford Tire Co., Ltd. shall warrant tires under this limited warranty through the only official Stamford’s dealers.